Thursday, August 16, 2007

So you think you can dance

Ok... here you are going to notice how much I like TV.

Tonight was the finale of "So you think you can dance". I saw every single episode of this show. I was hooked from the very beginning. I had my doubts, thinking it was going to be the same mediocrity of American Idol ( of course, thanks to Melinda and Sparks, its level was amazing...) seeing the people they were displaying during the auditions... but boy oh boy... dancing is another planet... Anyone can sing. Not everyone can dance! The level of the people in there was AMAZING... I cannot believe that the antithesis of good TV = FOX Network was showing experimental contemporary dance on prime time. A country like the US that has seen its culture of entertainment grow on the history of dance ( Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers Dance on air) is going to its roots... and OMG... what amazing roots! But more than the level, the respect all of the dancers had for each other was impressive, and the fact they invited people who did not make it to Las Vegas but had an amazing style is incredible.

Cat Deeley is gorgeous, she was certainly part of the success of the season. And Mia Michaels... OMG... See I do not care if it is not Pina Bausch or Maggy Marin or Carlotta Ikeda in one of their amazing 2 hour performances, but the fact that they are able to showcase in the traditional commercial TV format, with not very popular tunes something that reaches the level of elite crowds for everyone to see is really revolutionary. Call me kitsch, call me not sacred, call me sacrilege, but the fact a 15 year old teenager in the middle of Wyoming was able to be exposed to something s/he would have never been able to experience in person is amazing. It is not commercial per se. It is not accepted as mainstream, but I really wonder how could this show break the ice... It was great, and yes, I voted three times for Sabra last night, even though Danny and Neil are first class, amazing... I had a great time, a memorable experience this summer.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


I'm posting from my cell phone so no pics yet! ok, I'm in san diego. AMAZING TIME! I have been eating mexican food! delicious! what an interesting culture. I have alwaysbeen attracted to cities that connect with other cultures, and definitely I could not ask for anything more. Tijuana just 20 miles away makes thid city so interedting. Lots of spnish everywhere but also asians! love it! the hotel - double tree club - too expensive and too little for its price, and you have to pay to access the internet! how uncivilized!... but who cares! the food! the mountains, and very very friendly people. I saw Noel's friend Raul and his partner John last night, wonderful time. I should be seeing them soon again.

I set everything up at the gallery in the convention center. darn, I had to fight against the stupid PC. I keep forgetting that in the other world mice have 2 buttons. I had to deactivate the RIGHT button in the script... argh..... but anyway WORLD looks great. it is an honor to be able to be here. I could not see all the other pieces because they were still working on them but there are some very interesting works... I should blog about them soon... today is the opening, and the best part is I am going to see my wonderful friend Rob Rothfarb. I asked him to be with me all the time!

pics and video soon.. I hope.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Nashville - San Diego

I'm in Nashville, Tennessee waiting for my conneting flight to go to San Diego. Siggraph 07. just like last year I'm going to be like a kid in a toy store... I guess we are all geeks. of course, I slept three hours last night and I'm pooped... but happy! besides that Mike gave me a diamond earring! yay! I should post more... I will have plenty of time waiting in the airport...