Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The s**t hit the fan!

I am still worried. It has been well documented that Chavez has recently bought a lot of very sophisticated war tools. He is ready to attack anyone, and all that he needs is an excuse. According to the FARC the next president of the US will be Barak Obama, and they are convinced he will not support the Plan Colombia and the TLC ( free trade agreement) which means - according to their view - the country will be weakened at multiple levels and ready to be defeated in case of war. ( Oh Hillary, where art thou??? :-) )

Is history repeating itself? Are we facing the same situation when Churchill was warning the world about Hitler and everybody said the Germans would never do anything?

Sometimes as a normal citizen you can feel totally powerless. This is one of those moments where I feel so small and feeble that I am just afraid. I see the comments of the French regretting the death of Raul Reyes, knowing that all they care about is Ingrid: once she is free they will totally forget about the rest of the kidnapees. I see the presidents of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina (and she was supposed to be Fabulous...) supporting Correa in his allegations about the supposed invasion of the Colombian armed forces to his territory but never condemning the presence of illegal foreign guerrillas in Ecuador. Are Colombians just blind and we do not see what the rest of the world sees??? NOOO... we have been suffering in our own flesh what those foreigners perceive through foreign history books, news and theorists. It is so easy to perceive the conflict from the comfort of the living room, romanticizing a 45 year old guerrilla that has isolated itself from any progress in the modern world, and would do anything to win a war based on anachronistic ideals ( so they can keep on drinking Buchanan ... )

It is these kind of distorted messages that make any one disagreeing with the communist guerrillas or ideologies a paramilitary by default. The conflict has been turned into such a manichaean scheme that there is no room in between... I have never nor will ever be a supporter of anyone who uses guns to impose their beliefs, and even less when these are not traditional guns such as gas pipes, chainsaws or poisonous snakes.

Now that I am staying a couple of weeks in Colombia, I am experiencing all the anger and frustration of a country that is betrayed by its neighbors. We Colombians see the operation against the FARC as a blow they will hardly recover. But why was Chavez so angry about Raul Reyes's death? Why did he make such a fuss about it? Why did he do a minute of silence for this criminal and never did anything for other dead Venezuelans? Did he know that all the information that compromises his government with the guerrillas was going to float to the surface? Why is Correa saying that it is impossible that computers can survive bombs?? (Mr. Correa, it is not the computer that survives, it is the Hard Drive... and believe me, those can be pretty sturdy).

I think we needed the s**t to hit the fan to finally see the true colors of our "friends" and their politics of deception. Con amigos asi, para que enemigos...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mico Mandante

Pues si, estoy preocupado con la falta de claridad de Chavez. Ahi hay gato encerrado. Hacerle un minuto de silencio a Reyes es como hacerle un minuto de silencio a Osama Bin Laden. Creo que estamos pasando por un momento historico bien grande, pero a a vesz asustador. Quien sabe que mas informacion va a salir de los computadores capturados. Ojala alguien en Venezuela tenga cordura... Las pataletas de niño rabioso no se pueden dar a nivel diplomatico.

Hace como dos meses me soñe que Venezuela atacaba a Colombia, especificamente Cucuta, Riohacha, Barranquilla y Santa Marta ( curiosamente no se veia nada en Cartagena, creo que Chavez no es tan idiota de atacar una ciudad patrimonio mundial... espero) y Ortega aprovechaba para invadir a San Andres. Lo que no vi fue el tercer agente, Correa en Ecuador. Pero la cosa les salia muy mal, y terminaba Miraflores bombardeado por aviones españoles y los caraqueños celebrando la caida de Chavez... fue un sueño intenso. Ojala se quede solo en eso, un sueño ( excepto la parte de los caraqueños celebrando, que no solamente serian ellos los unicos en el mundo)