Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Concert in the Park

Lowry Park concert series. Friday evening. We didn't even hear the music. Too many people, too much food, too much wine... yummy... It's like a big pot luck. I bought a small fiber optics key chain - that I gave to Aurore on her bday - and played with it all the time. It did not chase the mosquitoes away.

Back to Tampa

I just love sunsets here in Florida... This is I75, around 7 pm.

Driving back on 95

After the Biltmore I met Diego and his friends at a very cool piano bar. All the people from the Landmark Forum Center in Dania Beach were there. It was Eddie's Bday! Cool.

Biltmore Hotel

My brother got an award for being an outstanding Colombian business man outside Colombia. We all went to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Beautiful... it was fun. I helped my nephews tie their ties.... cute... this was in April 2006. Christina Saralegui was there giving an award. I did not talk to her.

Organic foods...

Delia and Caroline invited me to the opening of an organic supermarket. I had to wait in line for over ten minutes to get in. It is huuuge. Not bad at all and cheaper than Whole Foods, and bigger. Wild Oats (?). Well. People were eagerly waitng for it to open, right next to Target - the queerest Target of all - on Dale Mabry. I just had to take their pics when they discovered they sold two of their favorite products...

03/25/06: Juan Gabriel

I finally saw Juan Gabriel in concert here in Tampa... the day Rocio Durcal died.
It was amazing. Very emotional, extremelly kitsch and tacky. He's the mexican Liberace, the biggest and most talented queen of all! It was worth it, wonderful seats, and it was FREEZING... open air concert, end of the winter... freezing....

After the show I ended up going to Valentine's, a very tacky latino gay bar with a decent Drag Show and a nice dance floor. Not very good pics of the divas...

Dinner: Esra, Tracy, Chrissy and Paul

Yes... I drank too much wine! We had a lot of fun. The girls, Paul and me. We talked about the wedding, presents, men, orgasms.... It was the nicest pizza dinner I have ever attended ( With turkish appetizer made by the host, Esra, main course (PIZZA), dessert, cheese, wine and pousse cafe...)


My friend Esra is getting married in Istanbul, in July, it is going to be my first time - and hopefully not the last - in Turkey. I am so looking forward to that trip... I went with her to get her wedding dress... we had a great time... Doesn't she look great????!!!!! None of these dresses is the one she picked up. I had a bad cold that day but it was a lot of fun.

Winter Gay Pride 2006

Well... because summer is soooo hot and humid, and because there are no people in FL then, Gay Pride is celebrated in february. In spite of Rhonda Storms, Gay Pride was FAAABULOUS. Lots of really nice people, families, kiddies and doggies. here are some pics at the park and some other pics at the Suncoast Resort with their Mardi Gras Gay Celebration. Oh! And look at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Tampa!


My nephew Felipe did his confirmation a few weeks ago in Miami. I did my confirmation when I was 15 and I remember I went out that night with my friend Laurent Marelli and got drunk with Whiskey - so early and drinking... Now they're turnming this ceremony into a huge thing... good for them.