Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I guess I do have some straight gene in me... or maybe it is the influence of my straight roommate's passion for all the motorcycle making shows on the Discovery Channel.. but I have to admit there is something really beautiful about the new design of these machines... Can you believe it, me, Santiago Echeverry posting pictures of motorcycles??? Argh... but they are so cool... soon I will be posting pictures of dogs... :-)

South Beach

I know what is it that I am missing in Tampa: seeing people in the streets! There is no one anywhere, everybody drives and lives in Wysteria Lane, Suburbia, FL. No people... I went to South Beach on Sunday, Lincoln Road, with my friend Vicente. What a great time, relaxing and full of people! People and dogs all over the place... faces I will never ever see again... I miss that...

Dinner with Diego

You know how much I love my friend Diego... He's such a great man... We had dinner, very casual, in Ft Lauderdale, good wine, good food, and then we went to the Ramrod to have a good time. My thanksgiving break was great...

T Dance

Well, after an interesting date with a gay republican - YES, they exist!!!! - I finally saw the fabulous BORAT. In order to shake my mind from conservative ideas, I went to a T Dance Bday party in Ybor city.... The DJ was FABULOUS, a great Drag Queen, talented and funny. Nice people... it almost did not feel like Tampa at all.. it felt civilized...

Friday, November 03, 2006


Halloween is my favorite day of the year. And of course I had to come to class wearing something. I don't have any wigs with me, but I do have my wrestler's mask... It was funny... It is the same one I wore on saturday at the Bear's party. I took these pics in the computer lab.


I HATE THEM... Well not really, they invited me to an all Barbra Streisand party last friday in order to celebrate the fact they were going to see Barbra on Saturday, near Ft. Laud. I hate them. We watched Hello Dolly, played every single possible song, including the Ave Maria - which sung by Barbra, who's jewish sounds kind of funny :o) - and her Christmas songs! Barbra Barbra Barbra all night.. and the company of such a wonderful family, you cannot imagine the self expression these four women have! And no, it was not the Cosmos they were drinking, it's their genes! So happy and joyful, contagious. I had a blast. Libor was there, adn playes with Beth's little niece, and of course, the very handsome and funny Tom, a friend of the family forever. Thank you Beth, I had a wonderful time... oh, and by the way, did I tell you I hate you? :o) Oh, I was forgetting, we celebrated Tom's birthday! He was really happy. He should move down here with his partner.