Sunday, December 31, 2006




Huy la pasamos delicioso... primero el Shabbat, luego llego Jorgito... Adorables!!! Esther, Ariel, Ava y Lea son encantadores, que maravilla de personalidades. It was great to see my friends Thierry and Agnes 20 years later... when we first met, they were just married, they had no kids... now look, 4 wonderful kids! Esther is so gorgeous! Great personalities... we had a great time, and from their beautiful place we went to Blues Bar... Oh, I forgot that Alfonso and Cami were also there!!! They lived 6 years in Brazil, and their favorite drink - that of course I cannot have because it is nothing but sugar- is Cachassa...


Rodrigo! I adore him, we've known each other for 10 years... He was 17 when I first met him. Diego and Rodrigo just got the same tattoo inked on their arms, a quantum physics formula that states the multiple possibilities of a wave to exist or not... So after the crazy geeky conversation over dinner about the Landmark forum, we ended up going to a little place that one of his friends owns. He broke the first Margarita cup, so the very sexy owner had to clean up for us .... hmmm... Then we ended up going to Lottus Bar, around the corner, where we met Jorge, my ex... We had such a great time. Go here to check a lot of pictures from that evening


We had lunch with Sandra, then went to meet Giovanni and Clemencia. We went to Chapinero to buy my new glasses - yes, the U$ 5 ones... - and of course, I had to try those fabulous boots I saw in a window... Then came back to Giovanni's house and did a very interesting session of tarot card readings... Oh, and in between I was putting some dry prosciutto in my mouth as an homage to Matthew Barney :-) Sandra LOVED her Wegman book... soooo cute... I love Wegman's work, of course, I love dogs, therefore I like his pictures....

Monday, December 25, 2006


The great thing about celebrating xmas eve and not xmas day is that you get ot eat a lot, and do some house hopping... party after party after party... I left my mom at home, changed my shirt and ran to the party that Ross' friend Len had at his place. beautiful house, his ex partner is a landscape artist, they still live together. Of course Ross was there, then Dieguito arrived, we all danced some merengue and good salsa, it was a lot of fun. Lots of food - again... Oh my, I know I am going to gain so many pounds in my trip to Bogota... Well, I trust the YMCA will help me - when I get back...


Yes, my mom is wearing a coat... No it was not freezing. My brother got it for her in Argentina... we had a great time, playing princess with Juanita and singing. Really nice. Pipe is almost an inch taller than me, and he's only 12!!! I got some really cute xmas pants, with snow men ( my mom asked, are those penguins?) Juanita was all over my mom, she had fun. We left early because I had another party to go to....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Interesting, as always. Even Chipouras is amazing, handsome and brilliant. What a life story...

I texted, sent emails, browsed the web, checked my email, checked my messages and cheered when the very few students I knew were marching on the podium...


Yes, I went to see Charlotte's web after the solstice celebration. I was the only person in the theater. And just like when I was 4 years old I cried throughout the entire movie. This time, they did not take me out of the theater. I don't know why, but the story is a real tear jerker. Not that I love pigs, but it is a sad and full of hope story.


The equinox celebration at Susan's place. We all wrote on a dry bamboo leaf what we wanted to get rid off this year and what is it that we wished for in the coming year. I did not write a lot, I was very specific. I wante to close some doors with my past, and open a lot of doors in the future... Then we burned them in a clay pot, in a very energizing ritual. The flames, the smoke and sound of the trees were amazing. Very basic and vital ritual. We all needed it. I also met Lanie's mom!


Mahaffey Theater, St Pete. I needed a dose of good music. I managed to see Jon Chisholm in the choir. Powerful performance, really worth it.


Gary and Gary threw a fab xmas party at their home... a victorian mansion in Seminole Heights... the house looks like a museum! I did not dare to pee in the bathroom, it was so pretty I could simply not do it! It looked like a room in a museum! The cool UT crowd was there, and I learned that Marguerite is my neighbour! Two blocks away from me! I also ran into my other neighbours, Jim and Mark and we finally got to speak! great guys, Opera fans and we are going totry to meet to watch operas and drink some wine. I also got to meet the famous David Fitzgerald, a legend in Tampa :-)


There are two very beautiful souls at UT. Corey is one. he is our life saver. Mr knows it all when it comes to technology, a real generous wizard :-) He got the employee of the month. He looks much better in reality than in this picture :-)

The second one is Kelly, we had a tarot card reading lunch last friday, very powerful and interesting. For both of us... We were sending good vibes to a lot of people, and the 1111 was all over the place... Good omen!


This world is so small... who would have ever thought when I met Larry back in 2003 that I would end up living in the same city as his parents? They have been adorable with me, Pat and Ted, and I finally met Larry's sister, Elizabeth and her husband. A total hoot! She is working in Greece and her husband Tazo (?) is in Congo. We had lunch, laughed, tried to call Larry in Kosovo - of course, he did not answer the phone :-) and had my little yellow bitter oranges for dessert... delicious.