Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jaque Mate

My mom called me on thursday, around 4 in the afternoon. She sounded very happy: my brother had just told her that Ingrid had been liberated. Even though I was in the middle of my last class, I answered the phone, and interrupted the critique to look for the news on every single Colombian web site. Well, sure enough, they were all down, I guess every single Colombian was trying to see the news online. I have to admit I was happy, and the grades for the final projects were certainly affected by my mood :-) 

I'm glad none of my dreams came true. I found out that when you talk about your dreams they never happen. So get ready, I will keep on blogging about them!

Colombia has never won an international competition like the football world cup or Gold medals in some big sports in the Olympics, or never won an Oscar for a Colombian film, or anything like that. We won Miss Universe in 1958 and that's it... The news of the liberation of the 15 hostages on July the 3rd  must feel just like winning an international award. We gave it ourselves as Colombians.

Let everybody say what they want: it was a government  setup for Uribe's third reelection, they payed 20 million dollars for the kidnappees... whatever... the result is what really matters, the 15 hostages are FREE, some of them after 10 years of being in concentration camps... and the FARC are in the lowest moment of their shameful history. Uribe won, the FARC lost.

Just like Betty Davis said when Joan Crawford died: "You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good... The FARC are dead. GOOD."