Sunday, October 22, 2006


Another gallery opening, time flies! It's crazy...

I was showing "I've got you under my skin", EYE C U and LOW RES LIFE in the Fine Arts Faculty Show last friday, it's open until Nov 30th in case you are down in Tampa. I had a great time, the cool students were there, my friends were there, my aunt Martha was there. This year my art was not scandalous... I was not in drag, I was not dealing with Gay and Lesbian Issues, I am getting older and sipping the pleasures of life. My art is becoming more reflexive and abstract at the same time. Piazzolla was the perfect audio for the tango of the eyes going on the screen, Low Res Life is Hypnotic, and the skin piece is so conceptual it is scary... Check all my videos here

Monday, October 16, 2006


Do you remember how much you laughed when you saw the movie Airplane for the first time? Well it is exactly what happened with ANOTHER GAY MOVIE ... I saw it on saturday at the GLBT Film Festival... HILLARIOUS... I almost peed in my pants, it just does not stop. The gay community finally got to a point where it can be so self referential that we can make jokes about ourselves! Completely irreverent, cute boys and men, no body is safe in there. There is not a single gay man that cannot identify with at least one of these situations... very crazy. Besides that Nancy Sinatra sings the main song, Another Gay Sunshine Day, and Jimmy Summerville is fabulous in the closing credits. I was feeling so good after seeing the movie I ended up going to the Festival's party at the Sheraton Hotel. I left my cell in the car, I never carry it around when I am dancing, so no pics. I met very nice people, and danced and spent most of the time with Mike, a really really handsome and nice man. can you imagine me asking someone to dance madonna? Well, I did, and it was great, so thank you Mike :o) Very nice surprise. It was a very happy saturday, way worth it.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I went to the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Last night to see a french fiction film. On my way to the theater I ran into Audrey and Martha who were having a conversation with the homophobic protesters out in the street. Martha, an expert in comparative religions was literally lecturing this poor redneck who had never seen an intelligent woman in his life - or had refused to see it. And Audrey and I started taking pictures and video of a father and his "wives" and kids, all holding banners with hateful messages. The man was not only homophobic but also misogynist - he said women have no brains... He was furious when I started asking his 6 yr old daughter if she really wanted to grow up to be a hateful person like her dad. The guy was furious, yelling on his megaphone that I was a pervert and I should not talk to his kids. It was a very pathetic scene to see his "wives" completely numb, also video taping us with small cheap handheld DV cams. I was going to be late for the movie, so I left. I was worried about the safety of Martha and Audrey. These people are blinded by ignorance, and they can justify their actions without really being aware of what they are doing.
When I approached the theater, heard the music, so the great people outside, I had a very nice feeling of safety and comfort. The movie was so cute, about a 19 yr old guy that discovers gay Paris. I bought a Festival T-Shirt when I left. The crazy wakos were no longer there. Thank god! It's really not fair on those kids. I have the feeling that today and tomorrow they will be there again... We shall see. I will let you know.

UPDATE: I just spoke with the girls. It turned out that they knew two of the picketers. The husband and the son of a woman who works at UT... Maybe they had never known anyone close to them that was gay or lesbian, but there was certainly a shock in their values when these guys realized they were yelling pervert to people who work with their mom and wife every day. It was also a shock for Martha to realize that these are everyday people...


The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Tampa has been my salvation this week... I saw an amazing documentary on tuesday on how Cristal Meth is affecting the gay community METH

The interesting part of the experience was when at the end of the projection one of the recovering addicts, Mark, comes up on the stage and starts his q&a session by saying that during the entire movie he was completely high. During the film he kept praising the fact he had been clean for 11 months. This is what addiction is. Justifications. Manipulation and denial. He's again in the process of recovering in a half way house in Ft Laud. Attending every single AA or NA meeting available. Very powerful evening.

Single :o)

Well, I'm single - AGAIN!

This past semester has been so full of shocks and surprises. I love it. I met very interesting people, but I also got a dose of people caring only about superficial aspects of life. I also learned about the process of addiction.

It's very interesting, my dad is a psychiatrist. His specialty is addictions and depression. He sent me a package in july. It contained copies of his 1991 typewriter written book on reactive depression and the impact it has on a global scale. He also attached a 10 page handwritten letter. I just left the packaged untouched. Never even read the letter. I was afraid of reading it, and I was entrapped in a relationship with an addict that was going nowhere, full of manipulations and justifications all the time. I was trapped.

Last sunday, when the relationship was reaching an unbearable level, I called my dad after three months of not speaking with him. The first thing he asked was if I had read his letter - not even his book. I said no. And as soon as I said no I realized what a big mistake I was making. I was giving my time to someone who was not able to process and respond to any communication... x - 5 = 10 .... And besides that had a self destructive personality. There I was talking to my dad, MY DAD! I had completely cut my communication with him because I was with a drunk pothead on xanax overdose? My dad, a brilliant man who absolutely adores me has always been there for me. And there I was, cutting my relationship with him because I knew the man I was with was in need of my dad's services and I was refusing to perform a reality check. Look! I had even stopped sharing my thoughts and images on my blog! And this is one of my favorite things!

This gave me the strength to go to this man's house in the evening, gather all my stuff and leave. I came HOME and read my dad's letter. It was amazing. What a brilliant mind. Ten pages where all he is saying is how much he misses me, how much I mean for him, and how much he loves me and is proud of me, plus give a brilliant synopsys of his book.

When you have someone like that in your life, a trully intelligent and caring person that you were destined to be with since birth, you realize how many things you take for granted in your life. The connection is there, has always been and will ever be even when either one of us will no longer physically be here.

I'm sorry Dad.