Friday, April 04, 2008


I dreamt last night that Ingrid died in the jungle, and the FARC were hiding her death. Even though she is in a humid and warm weather, she died of pneumonia (????) or something in her lungs... And then I could see everybody in the world blaming Uribe, making him responsible of her death... 

That's exactly what is going to happen if we keep on playing the FARC's game. They want the government to release the captured killers, kidnappers, murderers, drug dealers that are in jail - including Sonia and Simon in the US - in order to release the people they kidnapped years ago. The FARC are arguing that the prisoners in Colombian jails are in worse situations than the people they have in the jungle! HA! 

If there are no FARC prisoners then they can be treated as an independent political group and they can be officially sponsored by their friends in neighboring countries... This is so twisted... But what else can you expect from such an evil group. They live in a different era with such a radical view of the world that they can only fight to preserve and make their point of view prevail. In Landmark talk, they are so immersed in their rackets and inauthenticities that they will fight until the end to prove they are right. Of course people will argue that this could also be the case of the Colombian government, but here is the difference, the government is following a set of rules, a constitution, and it is supposed to fight and preserve the integrity of these laws and the people who follow these laws. We cannot compare both attitudes, one is immersed in the illegality and the other one is immersed in a democratic environment.

I already chose my side, and believe me, it is NOT the FARC.

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